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Although Denver dating service and matchmaking service terms are used interchangeably there is a significant distinction between the two.  A dating service sells you a specific number of dates for a finite length of time.  As Denver’s premiere professional matchmaker, I work individually and personally with each client to examine, define and illuminate that client’s preferences and desires.  One of the biggest advantages of this matchmaking service is the open-ended contract. You are a client until you fulfill your goal… timing is everything and this Matchmaking Service gives you the gift of time.  With my assistance by straightening out miscommunications, misinterpretations and other complications that may impede the success of a potential relationship, we give the romance time to flourish.  As your Matchmaker I receive feedback after each initial introduction which assists me in counseling and coaching you.  This process has led to 313 marriages (which equates to 626 singles) since 1989!!  Impressively the majority of couples who married through Bon Jour Matchmaking married either the first or second person they met.  That success is due to the collaborative efforts between client and Matchmaker to only match singles who specifically fit each other’s preferences and criteria.  It is not a requirement to marry the first or second match, our collaboration is just THAT good!


Bon Jour Matchmaking is comprised of Front Ranges singles ages 30-70, including Fort Collins.


One of the most impressive features of this personalized service is that I have every client sign a Behavioral Agreement.  This insures that no client will have the type of experiences they’ve had on the Internet and in other services.   With this in place all clients feel secure that their participation in Bon Jour Matchmaking will be respected and equal.

My hands-on approach, the client collaboration along with the old-fashioned structure have proven to be very successful for many Denver singles over the years leading to 313 marriages.  All client interviews are conducted in the privacy of my office so clients are free to say exactly how they feel when viewing profiles and during the initial “getting to know you” process.

During the personalized, hands-on interview, I gather information in-between the questions as we discuss your  desires, preferences and background.  No client is ever left alone to read a profile and perhaps jump to the wrong conclusions by something they misinterpreted.  I am there at all times to redirect, correct and clarify the information presented in the profile.  Bon Jour Matchmaking Service in Denver, CO is different from other local services by working personally with and coaching both sides of the match to give it every opportunity for success.


Receive free advice and a free assessment by phone to evaluate whether Bon Jour Matchmaking is right for you by calling 303-756-8106.  Ask any questions during this consultation so that you feel comfortable and fully understand the structure of the service.  At that time you will also receive your own personal filing fee designed for your specific situation.


Fee for Bon Jour Matchmaking Service is significantly less than all other Denver based services as it is structured through eliminating unnecessary overhead.  Your investment is directly for MY personal expertise.  Your one-time filing fee is tailored specifically for you based on several criteria.  You are investing in substance not fluff.


CALL NOW (303-756-8106) to discuss your background and goals and to receive your personal investment fee.  Interviews are scheduled by telephone consultation, not through e-mail.

No heavy sales calls, just an informational phone call to quote your personal filing fee and to discuss whether this is the right service for you.


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