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If you are the type of person who is doing your due diligence by investigating various Denver matchmakers you will immediately see the difference between Bon Jour and the others just looking at this website!  My website is a reflection of my service…experienced, direct, informative, “old fashioned” and hands-on.  I am not interested in trying to impress you with a slick presentation, but rather a 27 year history of successful matchmaking.  Michele “the Matchmaker” Fields

“…I had been searching for a high quality woman – the example I always gave friends was a doctor who had spent all of her time advancing her career but who realized she hadn’t spent time looking for a partner in life.  The question was always where precisely one meets someone like that. Without knowing of my analogy, that’s EXACTLY who Michele introduced me to a client of hers who is an accomplished physician looking for a man with whom to share her life and to share in his. That’s the invaluable advantage of being a client of Michele’s – an introduction to the type of person you’ve long been looking for who in turn has also been searching for a person like you…”   Bill K., Software Engineer 

  A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

I have really enjoyed working with Michele.  She takes her profession very seriously and provides me with high quality women who are educated, beautiful and serious about being in a relationship.  Michele is very detail oriented and meticulous with regards to how she selects the candidates and how she picks your matches.  She is closely involved in the matching process and clarifies any misunderstandings that might arise during the selection of the candidates and also when you meet candidates in person.  This is a really important feature of Bon Jour Matchmaking Service where you can really get personal treatment of the highest quality.  Michele has the ability to understand your needs and expectations, help to clarify your thinking process and direct you towards your best match. Dr. R, PhD, Epigenetics


“I felt that Bon Jour provides the best value and personalized service that is critical to this type of endeavor.  My results from online dating have been very disappointing.  I am not interested in paying outrageous fees for a service that is really not genuinely interested in my relationship success.  So, I have chosen Bon Jour because I believe that Michele is the most honest and value added matchmaker that I have found from my research.”  Don M.

“I like the process.  It seems personal and tailored to the individual.  It will be very helpful to have a person involved in the matching that will see both sides.  I also think Michele’s experience will be very helpful.”  John H.

“I chose Michele as her client-centered approach with open-ended philosophy fit well with my desire to find the right partner and an enduring love story.  I am excited about this journey and confident Michele will be there every step of the way.”  Kathy A.

“I think Michele works hard to find someone who is a good fit.”  Dave A.

“I’m ready to meet my serious match and Michele is professional and knowledgeable.”  Roman A.

“I’ve been looking for a more hands-on, consultative experience.  Have been frustrated with the on-line experience.”  Mike D.

“I had tried some dating sites online and wasn’t happy with the results.  I found it hard to communicate with people in that format.  I also did some research into other matchmaking services but they seemed to be unreasonably priced and impersonal.”  Allison A.

“I really liked the idea of having Michele, who knows all of her clients, using her expertise to match us.  I think that with multiple matchmakers at a single company there can be a disconnect with actually knowing individuals and their needs.”  Vanessa C.

“The years of experience, testimonials and success.”  Greg G.

ONE Matchmaker who knows ALL of her clients

Unlimited Matches

 Open-ended contract

Matchmaker is available 7 days a week

A Matchmaker with 27 Years Experience

View Client Files with CURRENT Photos Together With Me

Extensive coaching and feedback directly from your matches to correct bad habits and to let you know their interest level

One-On-One Two Hour Interview in the privacy of my office

YOU Decide Who You Meet Based on Profiles, Photos and My Input

FREE Initial Phone Consultation

Image Consulting & Coaching Packages

How I Work:

Although Denver dating service and matchmaking service terms are used interchangeably there is a significant distinction between the two.  A dating service sells you a specific number of dates for a finite length of time.  As Denver’s premiere professional matchmaker, I work individually and personally with each client to examine, define and illuminate that client’s preferences and desires.  One of the biggest advantages of this matchmaking service is the open-ended contract. You are a client until you fulfill your goal… timing is everything and this Matchmaking Service gives you the gift of time.  With my assistance by straightening out miscommunications, misinterpretations and other complications that may impede the success of a potential relationship, we give the romance time to flourish.  As your Matchmaker I receive feedback after each initial introduction which assists me in counseling and coaching you to succeed in future introductions.


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