Denver Dating Services

There are Denver dating services & Denver matchmaking services.

There’s a difference!

Generally speaking dating services offer a specific number of dates in their package, a limited contract containing those dates, you do not have access to client profiles and you are subject to the taste and opinion of the dating service.  Often they disregard your preferences just to set you up, get through the contract and then sign you up for more.

Unlike matchmaking services which take you by the hand and go into an in-depth interview, show you profiles with lots of info and pictures and collaborate with you.   Matchmaking services should only set you up with the most appropriate matches, not every match.  It is up to you to select or reject profiles based on an abundance of information.

Not all dating services offer an open contract.  If they even have one, they charge a large fee for it.  Bon Jour Matchmaking Service offers all clients an open-ended contract at no extra fee.  Michele the Matchmaker’s philosophy is that timing is critical and you want to be in the service when the right person comes along.  There is no way of knowing when that will be, so you better be there when they do.  That is the most outstanding benefit of Bon Jour Matchmaking Service.



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