Denver Matchmaking is Not Assembly Line Dating

I often tell the story of the last two couples who married through Bon Jour Matchmaking Service.  The reason for explaining dating through a Denver Matchmaker is so that new clients are realistic with their expectations minimizing disappointment.

As I’ve explained in previous posts there is no definitive way for me to predict how successful a client will be.  The last two couples who married through Bon Jour seemed to be unlikely matches to me.  But the fact is they chose each other and although on one side it happened right when they joined the service, on the other it took a bit longer.  But both people married the first person they met.  They didn’t waste time, emotion and money meeting tons of singles who didn’t really fit for them.  They patiently selected the right person for them and thus were very successful and not burned out on assembly line dating.  Matchmaking is not a numbers game…unless you make it one.

The point of the stories is that for some people it happens immediately and for others it may take time for the right person to arrive in the service.  With my open-ended contract all clients have the advantage of time.  I believe in fate and timing and Bon Jour Matchmaking gives you the gift of time as we work along with fate.   You can’t ask more from a matchmaking service than that.


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