Michele the Matchmaker says guys, guys, guys…here’s the scoop. If you show up for a date late, dressing inappropriately for the activity and/or unkept it sends a very clear message to the woman you don’t care enough to take the time to “primp”. It’s really quite basic…comb your hair, brush your teeth, shave (even with facial hair to keep it neat), wear deodorant (not everyone likes cologne but AT LEAST wear deodorant). Make sure clothes are ironed and the right attire for the activities planned.

Good dating etiquette states, don’t be a wimp. If you know you are not interested or going to call, don’t say you will. If you are interested call soon. Don’t play little games with waiting to phone. The longer you wait the more she begins writing you off.

Michele the Matchmaker says ladies, ladies, ladies…wear clothes that are flattering! So many women don’t know what is flattering. If you don’t consult friends, go to a professional once, but learn what is flattering to your coloring and figure. Pretty much everyone looks best in tailored clothes, meaning it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a sack with a belt.

After your date, if you don’t hear from the guy but you were very interested, CALL HIM. It’s almost 2015, men get tired of doing all of the work (they’ve told me so). You set up a date.

Good dating etiquette goes a long way!



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