Denver Matchmaker Michele says, “…it really saddens me to hear from new clients that they were “taken” by other local services. You have to be a good consumer. During the “sales pitch” if they keep adjusting their fees, if they sell a finite number of dates, if they do not use a questionnaire, if they interview you in a public venue such as a coffee shop where everyone can hear your personal business,  if they tell you THEY decide for you based on the information they have gathered from clients…but you don’t see PICTURES or PROFILES yourself DON’T JOIN! How can someone you have met so briefly know your taste?  Your own friends have set you up and don’t seem to know your taste, am I right???

I learn the most about clients’ preferences by showing them profiles with photos at the time of the interview and getting their feedback. That is what hones the client’s portrait for me.

I don’t care how good the sales pitch is about not being superficial or whatever, clients who are not seeing profiles and leaving the matching decision up to the service will almost always be dissatisfied.

You are paying a Denver dating/matchmaking service to SEE their clientele along with their input to decide if this is a good match for you.  Services with multiple “matchmakers” never know all the clients.  Some “matchmakers” know some and a few know others, so how can they make a match?  Think about it…

BE A GOOD CONSUMER AND STOP SPENDING THOUSANDS ON SERVICES WHO DO NOT GIVE YOU SERVICE.  Be extra cautious when you are feeling particularly vulnerable.


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