Denver Matchmaker “Michele the Matchmaker” has some advice taken from the pocketbook “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Finding Mr./Ms. Right.

The Ways You Sabotage Your Chances For Love:
1. You’ve refused to go out with someone because they didn’t fit your perfect picture of Mr./Ms. Right;
2. You’ve dropped a significant other over some ridiculous slight;
3. You’ve left a relationship because it was easier than discussing your feelings with your partner;
4. You’ve judged someone solely based on their looks even though you thought they had a nice personality;
5. Ladies: You dropped a great guy because he didn’t make enough money;
6. You have a pattern of picking fights for no reason until they walk out on you;
7. You do something you know will upset your partner, then regret it when it’s too late;
8. Guys: You’ve flirted with other girls in front of your girlfriend;
9. You pick your partner apart in front of other people;
10. You prefer to stay with Mr./Ms. Wrong instead of continuing your quest to find Mr./Ms. Right!

These have been adjusted to fit in this space but you get the idea. Although Bon Jour Matchmaking Service basically is involved with the initial part of the match, Michele the Matchmaker does all she can to save any potentially good relationship.


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