I frequently receive calls from men saying the women their age (40+) act too old for them.  That they are vital, active and on-the-go and need someone younger to be matched with.

But recently I am receiving more and more calls from women with the exact same complaints.  STOP IT…that is no longer the case!

The most obvious answer to both is…if you are fit, attractive and active at your age, why wouldn’t there be people of the opposite sex who also are?  Both sexes are vital, vibrant, active and enthusiastic, especially in Denver.  There are always exceptions to the rule (in every age group) but in general Denver singles 40+ are active, fit, fun and open to discovery and love.

My clients travel, ski, play tennis, hike, scuba dive, golf and tons of other activities regardless of their age.  This is 2013, both sexes need to stop pigeon-holing each other, date age appropriate people and open your minds about maturing.  It’s not all bad…and it’s certainly not like it was for our parents.


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