Can You Think of a More Thoughtful Gift?

Bon Jour Matchmaking Service is now offering Gift Certificates year round.  You may purchase a gift certificate in any amount, either the whole filing fee or an investment towards the filing fee for a friend or loved one.  Give a single a jump start on their love life by purchasing a portion of the filing fee through a gift certificate.  It’s subtle encouragement and support for someone who is too shy or apprehensive to start on their own.

An investment in a professional Matchmaker is the most thoughtful, loving gift I can think of for someone you care about.  Do you have someone who is single and just cannot find a way to meet someone special but they are too afraid or skeptical to try a professional?  Working with a personal Matchmaker is much safer than using the Internet dating services.  View Testimonials, The Press, How The Service Works, Posts to Read Before Joining, etc. so you have a good idea of who Michele the Matchmaker is and how the service works.

The recipient must fit into the category of the rest of the clientele which are singles ages 30-70, college educated, financially stable, growing their career and in reasonable physical condition.

Gift Certificates ARE transferable to singles who fit the above criteria.

Phone 303-756-8106 for more information.



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