Who hasn’t wondered what happened when a relationship with so much potential ended.  Why someone didn’t call you back after a first date.  I know the answers right from my clients’ mouths.  If you view some of the Posts on POSTS TO READ BEFORE JOINING ANY DENVER MATCHMAKING SERVICE you will see some that will cause you to have a light bulb over your head reaction.

Whether you are a Denver single who uses any venue to help you meet the “right” person, it becomes both of your responsibilities to make that work.  Through 26 years of feedback after initial meetings and throughout the dating experience from both sides I have accumulated insights as to why things did not work out.  As a client of Bon Jour Matchmaking I coach you through your dating experience which also gives you information about what the other person is thinking or may be stuck on.

With a track record dating back 26 years I have direct knowledge from the proverbial horses’ mouths what turned them off, why they didn’t pursue someone, why the relationship terminated.  It’s a rare situation when you have information from BOTH parties as to why a match with a high potential did not succeed and are able to share that with people.

Congratulations to couple 314 on their recent marriage!

Michele Fields, Heart Hunter, Bon Jour Matchmaking Service



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