99.9% of my clients understand that our relationship is a collaboration.  They have chosen to work with Bon Jour Matchmaking Service because they trust in my personal relationships with all of my clients and my extensive years of experience in Denver matchmaking.

If you choose to become a client I would hope that you defer to my judgment as to whether your photos will be successful as well as your Personal Narrative.  How do I know?  Because I am either sitting with a client as they view your profile or I read it to them over the phone and receive their feedback.  So I am not guessing what they respond well to and what they won’t, I know.

I am invested in your experience in Bon Jour Matchmaking being a success and would hope and require that you are equally invested.  So, rather than arguing with me when I make a suggestion or give you direction, understand that I know from 27 years of matchmaking what works and what doesn’t.  Clearly what you’ve been doing isn’t working if you are considering my service.

If you realize that there is something amiss in what you’ve been trying to meet the right one, than please realize that I’ve facilitated 300+ marriages so I must know something you don’t…at the least I know my clients and what they respond favorably to.  Don’t you want a Matchmaker who really knows her clients rather than several “matchmakers” who only know a few each?  That is one of the many outstanding features of Bon Jour Matchmaking…the other is the open-ended contract.


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