For some unknown but wonderful reason business is booming going into the 25th anniversary for Bon Jour Matchmaking Service!  Also, there are many situations that have come up this year that have never come up before.  The Universe is speaking and appreciating this well established Denver Matchmaker (click on the blue print to go to post).

The quality of the singles who are selecting to call me for their FREE initial phone consultation are of the highest quality and many fit into the established clientele.  Of  course there are folks who are focused on how many people they will meet, meeting for FREE to have me size them up and tell them if they are marketable, people who are totally unrealistic and more.  For those people I suggest other types of services that better fit their agenda.

Regardless of the people I decline to work with, obviously then the ones I decide to collaborate with and vice versa, who really get my philosophy and how the service can work for them, are the cream of the crop.  That doesn’t always mean they all are the richest or most attractive, but we all know there’s more to a person than money and looks, right???  But their education, backgrounds, lifestyle and community service add to their quality.

I feel very blessed this year in particular to have so many singles and new Denver residents contact me over the other local services.  They report that based on reading through this Website and comparing my length of time in business, the success rate, the philosophy, the advice and last but not least, the Bon Jour Testimonials (click on the blue print to go to post) they confide that they choose Bon Jour over other Denver matchmaking services as the real thing…


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