CONGRATULATIONS to Leslie and Tom on their recent marriage.  In the case of this couple each one selected several potential prospects, however they had each other high on their lists.  Consequently after their first choices didn’t click they were each other’s second choice.

After a year of dating they became engaged and now they are Bon Jour Matchmaking’s 313th couple!  Yes, this can work if you agree with my philosophy (click on BLUE print to go to Post) and are motivated to meet the right person regardless of how long that may take.

With my open-ended contracts for all clients you have all the time in the world to find the person you’ve always hoped to spend your life with.  Bon Jour Matchmaking is filled with highly educated, physically fit, volunteer oriented, adventurous Denver and Front Range singles.  If that describes you, please review this site, read lots of Posts and give me a call if it resonates with you and you are a 30-70 year old professional at 303-756-8106

Again, I and all my clients congratulate Leslie and Tom!


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