It is a singles’ night with a bunch of unvetted singles looking for love by going to a bar and spending upwards of $60 to spend 5-7 minutes looking a person over. Hey, I remember doing that in my twenties and thirties for FREE with the additional privilege of spending more than 5-7 minutes.

Perhaps I could see the value if they vetted these singles, but it’s always an open-ended invite so any crazy person, felon or married person can show up, as long as they PAY.

Talk about superficial…it’s totally about looks so for women who aren’t gorgeous and men who are short and bald it is a challenge…hey, just like going to a bar for FREE.

What is it you are paying for? That would be the first question I would ask. What do the party throwers know about these people? It’s ridiculous and they have made a fortune (they meaning everyone trying to make a buck) throwing these and somehow convincing people it’s worth it. Are you THAT gullible?


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