As you read through this website you will realize that Bon Jour Matchmaking Service has the philosophy of the tortoise by having an open-ended contract giving every client enough time for their best match to come in.  Not setting clients up just to set them up by ignoring their specifications and does not sell packages of dates for a finite period of time.

You can be like the hare and play it as a numbers game running through people who may not be honest on the Internet dating sites, buying packages of dates for a finite period, bragging about how many people you have met.  But that approach just wears you out, in my opinion.  It also erodes your positive attitude when you meet person after person who does not fit for you or who has misrepresented themselves.

Over the 25 years of professional matchmaking in Denver my clients have had the most success by thoughtfully selecting in collaboration with me the most appealing, most compatible and similar goals that match up with theirs.  And, of course, the chemistry.  With 626 singles who have found permanent love through Bon Jour Matchmaking it seems to be a proven theory…along with the proverb that stands the test of time.



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