Click on this link to go to CPR page with interview:

then click on Audio at the TOP of that page below the author’s name to listen (it’s less than 10 minutes).

Boulder and Denver have once again been noted for how active their residents are. But does all that time devoted to the mountains and the gym stand in the way of love — or promote better relationships?

The short answer is YES, it can.  Listen to the interview above for specifics.  It is less then 10 minutes…

I want to clarify the part of the conversation about the ESPN cameraman…The interviewer made the comment “Well that wasn’t much of a challenge…” and I had lost track of the conversation and said “No, I guess it wasn’t”.  But in actuality that was exactly what this interview was about.  The gentleman’s criteria was so tight and inflexible that it took 3-4 years before someone who fit his criteria came in and that was who he ended up marrying about 20 years ago!  So contrary to what I said in the interview about no that wasn’t a challenge, that is exactly what this interview was about, really narrow criteria based around fitness and athleticism being a challenge to dating in Colorado.

CPR/NPR selected me to interview due to my lengthy career in the matchmaking industry specific to Denver singles.


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