More than likely you will only meet with your Denver matchmaker face to face once, at your initial interview.  When you dress for the interview remember your matchmaker is your representative, agent, promoter, confidant and coach.  Your matchmaker is your advocate, is on your side to facilitate the best result in your quest.  So just like a job interview you need to impress her at this one opportunity.  That means visually as well as personality and attitude.  The more you cooperate, collaborate and follow through in a timely manner, the better your relationship with this most important partner will be.

As with your pictures you need to put a lot of thought into what you wear to the interview.  Also if you are difficult, indecisive or combative throughout the interviewing process that does not make a good impression.  This is an interview like any other so put your best foot and attitude forward.  The nicer and more appealing you are to your matchmaker, the more she will be apt to recommend you over someone else.


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