"Closer" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsHughJackmanEvery day I receive calls at Bon Jour Matchmaking Service from single Denver men who exclaim they want beautiful, fit women to meet.  My question to you is do you look like Pierce Brosnan, Clive Owens or Hugh Jackman?  These are Hollywood’s sexiest men and not only because they are soooooo handsome but even more so because of who they’ve chosen to spend their lives with.  If you don’t look like any of these types of men, maybe you need to reassess the “beautiful model type” you are searching for.

These are long married and happy couples.  Not like the ones choosing only models who play musical wives.  And have you noticed, you don’t hear about these men cheating on their wives like with men who were married to beautiful women like Halle Barry, Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife or Jennifer Aniston and yes, even Christie Brinkley, etc.   Which are you?????


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