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Just to try and make things simple (hopefully) following is a list of traits that will tell you if you and Bon Jour Matchmaking Service are a good match:

  1. You have read to some extent through this website.
  2. You understand the philosophy of Bon Jour as a matchmaking service NOT a dating service.
  3. You perceive my clients as a clientele NOT a database.
  4. You understand that meeting a bunch of people who do not fit your preferences and criteria is not what I do here.  I.e., packages of dates for a finite period of time.
  5. You understand that you are only matched with people both who fit your preferences and you fit theirs.
  6. You may meet as many people as you feel are an appropriate match, however the goal is to be discerning enough that you meet the “right” one on your first or second match…regardless of how long that takes to happen.
  7. You understand that this is not a race.  We are looking for the “right” person and that may take time thus the open-ended contract.  You are in the service until you reach your goal.

If you feel that this describes you then call me for your FREE phone consultation!


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