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About 10 years after the establishment of Bon Jour Matchmaking in 1989, after having issues on a frequent basis with women in the age range of 30-40, I decided to no longer offer that age range.  For the past 15 years I’ve started at 40 which has mitigated the issues with younger women.

But a couple of years ago I thought, since I’ve had a break from that age range and was receiving many calls from guys in that age range, that I would offer it again.  My original range in 1989 was 25-40.  So I decided to try that again.

In fairly short order I started having problems with women in their twenties.  Not following the contracts they signed, being flaky, nasty outbursts, changing their minds on things, not liking their photos, etc.  So after about a year of that I decided to tighten the range again.  To start at 30 in hopes of working with more mature women.

I have many women in their thirties and even a couple still in their twenties who are mature and reliable and good to work with, however again I’ve run into many, many flaky, immature women in their thirties.  Because I now have established clients in their thirties I really cannot change the range again.

So this post is to directly say that if you are indecisive, uncommunicative, don’t understand the contracts, flaky and in the age range of 30-40 please go in a different direction than Bon Jour.  I just had a 31 year old woman who selected a great gentleman to meet, tell me go ahead and collect the introduction fees and she would send hers before she left town for the holiday…which means this is a match. 

She never sent the check, although I received his.  So I wrote asking her when she mailed it.  She never mailed it because she met another guy outside the service, didn’t tell me and changed her mind about meeting this man she selected.  So now I am in the awkward position of telling this guy who was looking forward to meeting her that it’s a no go.  She should have told me when I gave her my address to send her check, over the weekend or even prior to all of that.  Now I have to completely backtrack and have wasted my time and my other client’s time and emotion, who is a busy doctor.

So if this sounds like you there are other local “matchmaking” services who aren’t as reliable who would be happy to work with you.  If, however, you are a responsible and reliable female single in your thirties this might just be the perfect service for you.  My male clients in that age range have not had success in other services or on the Internet dating services because the women did not follow through or whatever, so they have chosen to hire a professional matchmaker.  Which means I cannot have clients who act the same way in here as they do on the Internet to fulfill my promise to all clients.


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