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As mentioned in previous posts I have a Behavioral Agreement that each client signs at the time of their interview.  The reason for this is two-fold.

The first reason for this Agreement is that clients are viewing or hearing a 5 page profile and viewing pictures.  If they get excited about meeting someone that excitement is only going to last, maybe, a couple of weeks.  After that it starts to wain and they start thinking of other things and other people.  They lose interest.  So to keep them excited the follow through needs to happen in a specific period of time.  If not you run the risk of having them lose interest.

The second reason is feedback from clients who have used the Internet dating sites and local Denver matchmaking services that people just disappear with no explanation.  Or they don’t follow through on phone calls or making plans.  I don’t want my clients to have those experiences so everyone very happily signs this Agreement.

Bon Jour is set up to do everything possible to help relationships prosper.


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