Both male and female clients hire Bon Jour Matchmaking to find them fairly “perfect people”.  Minimum wrinkles, not too short, not fat, not too thin, not too tall, youthful, vibrant, athletic, etc., etc., etc.  My clients have much to offer in many categories which include sports, education, financially, careers, appearance, kindness and the list goes on.  But what gets in the way of many people’s success whether it be with me, other Denver matchmakers, Denver dating services or the Internet dating sites is that they are looking for perfection.  Below are pictures of happy, successful couples married either 20+ years or 30+ years.  These couples did not meet through Bon Jour.  They met years before I started Bon Jour Matchmaking.  These are real people having real and successful relationships: ChuckCarolynLamar2013 LarryLyn Another happy couple GershonBaskinFamilyDen2014 003 JanetBruce2011 JaneEdChanukah2014 Another happy couple They are not models, they are people who were lucky enough to find the right person whether they are short, fat, taller than normal, sick, skinny or same age but look older, etc.  Those are the people having successful relationships.  Is that you????


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