26 Years of Success By Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

314 marriages in 26 years of personalized professional Denver matchmaking is the track record for this Denver matchmaker!  Not only that accomplishment but also MOST of those couples married either the first or second person they met through Bon Jour.

What is this success attributed to?  Several components that are a part of being a client of Bon Jour Matchmaking.  Click on the blue print to go to Posts.  This is not a buy a package of dates for a finite period of time.  This is real matchmaking!  Selective matching on both sides by a professional matchmaker and the client.  All the time in the world for the right person to present themselves with the open-ended contract.  Loads of information on each client along with current photos to assist in the selection.

The acceptance of only Denver singles who fit in with my current clientele and are what my clients are seeking.  That is a unique quality specific to Bon Jour in that there is little to no overhead making accepting just anyone into the service NOT a priority to meet overhead as in other services.  Accepting only singles who really understand the old fashioned approach to matchmaking so that all clients have that same mindset.

Celebrating year 26 of professional Denver matchmaking!


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