If you find a professional matchmaker who is doing her job well, she will not play a numbers game.  A numbers game is for the Internet dating sites and Denver dating services who sell packages of dates.

A matchmaker considers both sides of the match carefully to be sure they fit based on the information shared with her by those clients.  The clients are always involved in the matching process as that is how your matchmaker gets to know your likes and dislikes as well as your flexibility or lack of.

A matchmaker shares lots of information on each client so that you can perceive whether they would be a good match for you, including photos.  Also the input of your matchmaker is invaluable.  Your matchmaker should also coach you when necessary and give you feedback both good and bad to assist you in making your matches successful.

If you are in a race to find a mate then you are looking for a dating service.  If you genuinely wish to find the most compatible life partner then you seek a professional Denver matchmaker.  You’ve waited this long to find the right person so why would you suddenly rush the process by buying packages of dates or meeting everyone you can on the Internet?  My process is tried and true and has a proven track record over 26 years of Denver matchmaking!



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