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After a 26 year career of Denver matchmaking it is clear to me that my clients are so patient and willing to wait for the right person to come along.  To help them with that goal I give every client an open ended contract, meaning they are a client until….until they meet that right person who goes the distance.

Probably at least half of the marriages through Bon Jour Matchmaking Service happened at that first interview when a new client was presented with the perfect match.  I lit the fire and the rest is history.  But others have taken longer on one side or both.  Remember, this is matchmaking NOT buying a package of dates (that’s a dating service).  Thus several things need to match up on both sides and then have chemistry.  But the majority of marriages have come from the first or second match made through Bon Jour regardless of how long that took to happen.

I tell all new clients, even if you are Miss or Mr. America I can’t promise that the perfect person is sitting here waiting for you at the exact time of your interview, they may be but I have no way of knowing that.  So the open ended contract is absolutely invaluable!

Isn’t it better to have the “perfect” mate however long that may take then to have just somebody to call a mate?


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