Something that my clients often thank me for which is not necessarily something I write a lot about is the quality of clients in Bon Jour.

I so often have to decline working with people who I perceive from our conversation and/or interaction are not invested enough, communicative and/or reliable.  Because many of my clients have used Internet dating sites and/or local Denver matchmaking services, MeetUps, lunch services or dinner gatherings and found people not to follow through or seem invested in finding a life long relationship, they truly appreciate my discretion in which singles really fit their goal.

I’m always grateful and somewhat surprised when a client thanks me for turning someone down.  This is what they expect of me…to filter only the most appropriate candidates for them to meet.

As I have said in previous posts, I start evaluating from our first interaction (whether it be phone or email) a person’s realism, reliability, communication and has a good understanding of the philosophy of Bon Jour Matchmaking.  There is a momentum in dating and in any relationship, whether business or personal, and if that momentum is broken it puts the whole relationship at risk.  As your Denver matchmaker I do all that I can to make sure things go smoothly and correct any misconceptions or miscommunications.


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