Some Singles Upset With Denver Dating Service…Jennifer Brice CBS4

DENVER (CBS4)– Looking for love, that’s what some Denver singles were hoping to find but claim they got swindled out of thousands of dollars. Some customers of the dating service, Mile High Singles, have filed complaints with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

With so many dating sites and services, some even free, George Latsis chose the matchmakers at Mile High Singles. He says he signed up for a VIP membership, “A one-time payment that includes everything.”

George says he was told there would be 1,800 pre-screened women in the company’s database, of which about 1,000 in his dating demo of 35 to 45 year old women. When he got on the database, he says it was under 100 women in his demo.

So I paid $8,500 for under 100 people,” he says.

A second customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, told CBS4, “It’s a scam.”

A third woman we spoke with, who also wants to remain anonymous, says she too found many “inactive” members. The third woman paid $5,000 dollars for her membership. The price dropped from $8,500 after she expressed she couldn’t afford it.

“I was looking for the 1,400 men she (the company’s director) told me was in my demographic,” said customer three. “That was a very embellished figure.”  She says she found 600 men her demo, “For my money, I got taken.”

The second customer, a single mom, says she paid $3,700 for her membership. She choose Mile High Singles because of the personal services promised.

“The one time they reached out to me,” she said, “They sent me three people – one of which was a woman.”

These members took their frustrations to attorney Todd Macintosh and filed complaints with the Attorney General’s Office.

“The people… paid different amounts of money, got different results, all of which were negative results,” said Macintosh. “When they asked to have money returned… they were all told no.”

Dee Dee Hirsch, Director of Mile High Singles, said they have a database of 2,800 people and maintain an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Hirsch said with any customer complaints she’s never not “made every effort with anyone to make it right to resolve it.”

Latsis said his partial refund offer was rescinded by the company. He says he was also told all members pay the same price.

When asked in a phone interview if all customers pay the same price, Hirsch replied, “Not necessarily, no.”

When pressed about what would constitute Mile High Singles to make changes to its pricing per client, Hirsch replied, “That’s the proprietary information. I can’t really comment on it.”

The Colorado Secretary of State’s website shows Mile High Singles also listed with the trade name of Great Expectations. Great Expectations was prosecuted in Washington, ordered make “honest proposals” and refund some customers.

In Arizona, Great Expectations was ordered to pay $500,000 back to customers and the state. Great Expectations of Denver changed its name to Mile High Singles.

Hirsch says that’s because the Denver location, which she says runs independently, didn’t want to be penalized. She added, “People would connect it, but we have a great reputation in Denver.”

Latsis wants his Mile High Singles membership refunded in full, “It’s like a smoke-and-mirrors used car salesman. How much can I really get out of you?”

One of the other women we spoke with began crying during our interview. “I put my vulnerability first. I put my hopes for love first and I feel like a fool.”

CBS4 has been in contact with all six upset customers that have now retained an attorney. All of them want a refund.


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