Rather than have a flat fee painting everyone with the same brush OR having preliminary interviews to assess how much I think a client can afford to quote their fee like most other Denver matchmakers…Bon Jour’s fee structure ranges from $1500 to $4500.

It is based on these four criteria:

  • How much I think I can do for you
  • How marketable you are within my service
  • How successful I anticipate you can be in Bon Jour
  • Your expectations

So don’t get excited if I quote you a lower end fee.  It means I can help you but there may be challenges that will effect your success.

The higher to the upper end of the fee structure means I either know clients who might be interested in meeting you or you are the type of person most of my clients prefer.  Also you may be a person with less challenges, i.e. multiple divorces, lots of pets, location, working hours, etc.

Neither your income or career/job play any part in the fee I quote especially for you.  Fees are based on the FREE telephone consultation we have before you decide whether we are a match.  So, rather than keeping unflattering or questionable information from me during that consultation, the more challenges you have i.e., lots of pets, lots of children, lots of marriages, etc., the more your fee drops down from the $4500.  That said, the man in the last couple who married was divorced 3 times so that is not always an indicator of success or failure.  It depends on what other attributes, qualities, morals and values you bring to the table.  So don’t hold back.  Take advantage of this extended call as it dictates the fee you are quoted.  Don’t forget that whatever your fee is you always receive an open-ended contract!


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