A beautiful, successful mother, businesswoman and model joined Bon Jour Matchmaking in 2013.  She met a couple of men but not “the one”.  Recently I have been cultivating a relationship with a Denver meteorologist going through a divorce with this client in mind.  Once he was divorced he joined Bon Jour and she was the first one I suggested that he meet.

Since they laid eyes on each other they are crazy about each other and very hopeful this will go long term permanent.  Due to her patience with the process and his willingness to give this type of approach a try, although he was very skeptical about working with a professional Denver matchmaker, he now says that he feels they would not have had as open communication and feedback had he not gone this route.  He feels that having a professional matchmaker has made the process seamless and comfortable as well as added to the success.

So rather than ask how many people do I have in your age range right now at this moment in time, realize that good things come to those who wait.  Timing is everything…but do you have the patience to wait for the right one?  With my open-ended contract we work together until that time comes…


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