Well my first call of the new year was from a man who claims to be 52 (looks considerably older by his photos), a multimillionaire and wants to meet women 25-40 and have children and does not want to deal with women in  menopause.  So when you call me and tell me your preferences and criteria my answer is always in the context of my service because that is what you are asking about.  If this sounds like you (even if you look younger and are a “multimillionaire”) it’s not going to happen in Bon Jour.  My women are very educated and make great incomes so wealth does not impress them at all.

How do I know?  I interview every client and know how flexible they are.  What they will agree to and what they won’t…unlike other services where there are several Denver matchmakers and not one who knows all of the clients.

I’m not saying that will never happen in the “world”, just not in my world.  Rather than take your money I opt to be honest!  If that makes you angry we are not a match!


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