Without exception clients of Bon Jour Matchmaking have several common personality traits and goals.

All of them are serious about finding their last relationship…whether it be through marriage or LTCR (long term committed relationship).  As their Denver matchmaker I put them through the “ringer” with an extensive questionnaire and Behavioral Agreement where they agree to specific terms which I have found over 27 years create the optimum success in a match.

They walk the talk and are reliable, reasonable, patient and realistic.  Unlike Internet dating sites where singles (hopefully because some are married) join because they are bored, have a totally different yet superficial agenda or are felons, my Denver singles are goal oriented and serious about a forever relationship.

Their pictures are current and look like them and in many cases they are more attractive than their photos as many people do not photograph well.  So bonus!  What you see is what you get or better.

So if you do not fit the description above Bon Jour Matchmaking is probably not the right service for you…but if you do than peruse this site and let’s talk!



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