As I’ve explained to many Denver singles who have called me for my service, I turn down more people than I accept.  There are many reasons why I turn people down…but certainly if I decline I have saved you expense and wasted time so the appropriate response should be THANK YOU MICHELE FOR BEING SO HONEST AND NOT TAKING MY MONEY.  Most people say it’s refreshing to encounter someone with ethics!

For example, Leslie, a Denver realtor called for help with finding a mate.  Rather than ask lots of questions about the service and the philosophy she talked about her free trips abroad, how fantastic she is, she is so much more athletic than anyone her own age, etc., etc.  As well as expressing that she thought my website could be improved.   OK, fine, at the end of an hour conversation she proclaimed how great her life is and she doesn’t really think she wants to get seriously involved with someone.  OK, not sure why she called.  After thinking it over I decided she is not the type of person I would like to represent.  I didn’t feel we could work well together so I explained that in response to an email from her and declined but wished her luck.  Rather than thank me for my honesty and saving her the investment fee she phoned Tom Martino.  She had called me in response to my appearance on his show last week.

So, what is this world coming to?  They call the consumer advocate to complain when someone does not respond or takes their money and does nothing.  This one called Tom Martino to complain about the opposite!  Really????  Sometimes you can’t win.

Whenever a business person is honest and SAVES you money for God sake thank them!


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