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All one needs to do is watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette to see that dating is NOT a numbers game.  In fact, if you are serious about finding love, dating is not a “game” at all.  To “play” with dating is to lose in your ultimate goal and burn yourself out in the process!

Those TV shows always start with 25 singles for the Bachelor(ette) to choose from and they slowly eliminate who doesn’t fit.  But although these shows have been televised for at least 10 seasons and there have been literally tons of both single men and single women to pick from, only about 4 of the couples have actually married and lasted.  (Actually I’m not sure it’s even 4).  So clearly it is NOT a numbers game.  You can choose to play it that way and like the Bachelor(ette) you will lose, unless fate intervenes and you get lucky.

My philosophy…

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