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Positives of Internet Dating Sites

Convenience, Easy to Lie, Free or Lower Fees, Meet as many people as will meet you

Negatives of Internet Dating Services

Easy to Lie, People who are just playing around on the site, Old or fake pictures, People jumping to wrong conclusions about what you’ve written, Clients are not held accountable, No one there to correct misconceptions, No one to assist you in directing your search more accurately, No one to counsel you when people don’t respond to your winks, smiles or notes, No way to know whether people are felons because they may use fake names, No way to know whether they are married or seriously involved with someone already, No one to let you know why they disappeared, monthly fee…and the list goes on.

People often ask how many clients I have or how many are in their age range.  These are frequently people who have used Internet Dating Sites.  Well if you’ve used those and there are hundreds of people on them but you are still calling me then doesn’t that scream that it’s NOT a numbers game?  It’s not the amount of people…it’s about finding the right person.


One time investment fee, open-ended contract, current pictures of all clients, extensive profile taken by Matchmaker Michele personally of each client, clients are held accountable for their actions, people who are genuinely serious about marriage and/or a permanent relationship, counseling and coaching for each client, a matchmaker who knows every client and has interviewed every client, hands-on matchmaker available 7 days a week, clients who you know are not married or seriously involved, reasonable fee(s) (per introduction fee of $35 on both sides), direct feedback from the matchmaker about what your match thought and is thinking going forward if they have not been clear or communicative, a matchmaker with 29 years of experience, a matchmaker who ONLY accepts new clients who fit what her current clientele is looking for, ongoing support from your personal matchmaker.


Each client works solely and directly with Matchmaker Michele, there is a protocol in her service to make sure things run smoothly, you are required to tell the truth and update any information that changes including updating pictures, investment fee is required at the time of the interview in full, because Michele the Matchmaker is a REAL matchmaker and zeros in on the RIGHT match for each client clients need to have patience for however long the process takes in this open-ended contract.

The above are not necessarily negatives depending on your personal perception and opinions.





Anyone who calls for their FREE phone consultation has as much time as they need to think about whether this service is right for them, they are prepared and ready to take this step and to call and chat with me as many times as needed BEFORE making an appointment.

But once you schedule an appointment, I send you info and you respond likewise, come in and sign both contracts which CLEARLY STATE NO REFUND OF FEES that’s it.  If you then feel you’ve made a mistake, it is YOUR mistake.  I have held up my end of the bargain by talking with you as much as needed, preparing you for the interview and success in the service, gone through the trouble of preparing for your in-person interview in my home office, conducting the two hour interview which includes sharing CONFIDENTIAL client profiles I expect a grown up professional person to follow through.

If for whatever reason you decide not to then that is your mistake and your loss.  You have to be an adult and recognize that.  NO REFUNDS…29 years of experience in this field and all that I go through before you even come in qualifies me to not have to refund any monies because you became insecure, flaked out, got an email from an ex that upset you or whatever.  I have fulfilled my side of the contract and intend to do so going forward.  If you don’t wish to then you have to take the loss as a lesson and move on!


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During my recent visit to Green Valley, AZ I found there is a dire need for a veteran matchmaker in the Sahuarita area.  There are many single, divorced, widowed and widower-ed people living in that area who are desperate for the assistance of a professional matchmaker.  Whether you or a friend or relative may have an interest I am trying to get an idea of how many people in these areas are interested…so contact me by email or phone and let me know if you or someone you know might be interested.

So here, in the beginning of my 29th year practicing the old fashioned approach to matchmaking while incorporating technology I will be working in Green Valley which will include Tucson and the Sahuarita areas twice a year to conduct one-on-one personal interviews.  I will be in Tucson March 11th thru March 16th to conduct personal interviews.  Yes, starting in 2018 you will have a seasoned professional Tucson matchmaker, Sahuarita matchmaker and Green Valley matchmaker!

The first 20 clients (10 women and 10 men) will be charged a one time lower investment flat fee of $500 to build the base of the clientele.  There always is a per introduction fee on both sides of $35.  After that my fee is based on personal information supplied by each client.  That is NOT based on income or worth.

My service extends all clients an open-ended contract meaning you are a client until you achieve your goal (however long that may be).  You may meet as many people as you feel are a good match who in turn wish to meet you based on an extensive profile as well as pictures!

If you are intrigued by the idea of working with a professional matchmaker please read through this site and then call me to discussEverything you want to know about this matchmaking service.


This service deals in honesty and reality.  If you are calling to hear someone only confirm what you think this is probably not the service for you.  I accept or reject clients STRICTLY according to the preferences and criteria of my clients.

A woman called this morning and when I asked her age (63) she right away said I DO NOT WANT TO MEET MEN THAT AGE.  I LOOK GREAT AND THEY WOULD NEVER KNOW MY AGE!  My answer is first of all I’m not accepting women over 55 at the moment because men in that age range often want to date much younger women so obviously they are not going to go to 63 regardless of what you look like.  She then proceeded to tell me how superficial my men are after just declaring the EXACT SAME THING!  She wasn’t going to give anyone near her age range a chance…because she wants what she wants…no different than the men.

I merely try to explain my clientele, compare it with what you are looking for and tell the truth.  I know that is a novel concept these days but I actually tell the truth as it is at that point in time.  My experience with both men and women is they want what they want for the most part.  If I find that not in line with my clients or unrealistic I will suggest this is not the service for you.

Even after 28 years I’m still learning about people.  Many people just want someone to agree with their perspective and if you don’t they get mad.  If that is you and you don’t want the facts and the truth save yourself a phone call and I wish you the best of luck.  There are tons of local services who will gladly say whatever you want to hear to get your money…