Business Hours: 

Monday through Sunday (FREE telephone consultations) – 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  OPEN ALL HOLIDAYS!  This is NOT a “sales” call, merely an exchange of information.

Interviews (in-office) – Monday through Sunday 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.  In-office interviews are only scheduled after a FREE telephone consultation to assess whether Bon Jour is a good match for you.  No appointment needed for the phone consultation.


Clientele consists of single, financially secure, healthy, well read and well educated Colorado professionals ages 30 to 70.  Currently accepting men 31-70 and women 30-55.  I do not accept people who are married or separated.  My clientele will not consider meeting anyone with full body or sleeve tattoos. 


LOCATIONS:  Services Denver & the Front Range, including Colorado Springs, Boulder and Fort Collins.   Residents of Vail, Aspen, Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorn, Georgetown and Breckenridge who spend a substantial amount of their time in Denver.

NEW:  Tucson, Green Valley, Sahuarita and nearby towns in Arizona are now being included.  Please let me know whether you are open to meeting people in Colorado.

Clients’ Testimonials


See also New Policy.  It’s a Win/Win…

Investment Fee:

One-time investment which is good until you fulfill your goal with an open-ended contractWhat Am I Paying For at Bon Jour Matchmaking?  Personal investment fee is only given by telephone 303-756-8106.   There is a per introduction fee of $35 on each side of a new match.  And that’s it!

The investment fee is adjusted depending on your age, age range you wish to meet, criteria, location and other personal infoCall to discuss your personal goals and info for the best rate for you.  Fees are not quoted in e-mails since I need to ask you specific questions and get a feel for our communication styles and compatibility.

The investment fee increased July 11, 2016…so if you were previously quoted a fee and did not come in you may be quoted a new fee.

What Effects Your Investment Fee in Bon Jour Matchmaking.  Click on that link…



Fate and Timing:

With 28+ years in business it has become very clear to me that the elements of fate and timing contribute heavily to the success of a client. Therefore I have an open-ended contract and the client may go on hold for any length of time without consequences. You have all the time in the world to find your RIGHT match.

Contract Length:

Open-ended Contract until you accomplish your goal for all clients at no extra charge.  There is no end to the contract until you meet your goal, move, choose to leave the service or die.  Once you marry the contract ends automatically.

View Files & Photos:

All clients view client profiles which include CURRENT photos (both head shots and full length shots) as well as a five page questionnaire at the time of the interview.


As your personal Matchmaker, I require feedback on every first introduction from both sides. That way I can refine future matches and find out more information about each client as to how they present themselves on a date. All this information is very helpful to assist me in coaching clients to succeed either in that relationship or future matches.  I share feedback with clients to help them make better decisions, make corrections with presentation and/or let them know whether their match is interested.

Collaborative Effort:

My service encourages the client to work with me at all times refining and defining what they want. Clients view profiles and always have the last word on selecting their introduction!  All files are viewed with both the client and myself present so that I may fill in any blanks, clarify misinterpretations or answer questions the client may have.  In Bon Jour we are partners…


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