Singles hire a matchmaker because they are having trouble of some kind in their interactions with dating.  Yes, it is to find the right person who has as yet been elusive, but there may be many things you yourself are doing that derail, curtail or just plain prevent successful long term relationships.

One glaring example is you are difficult or impossible to connect with.  Whether it be by phone or setting up meetings or dates.  If I have trouble getting you on the phone that alerts me that my clients may also have difficulty that may cause them to get frustrated and just move on.  If that’s how I feel you can be sure that’s how they will feel.  If I find this the case before you even become a client (which happened this morning) I will suggest that you contact another Denver matchmaking service.  My clients expect and deserve reliable people to meet for potential relationships.

If I find that you do not follow directions well even though I repeat them over and over it will discourage me from working with you as there are contracts stating timing that you have to adhere to and other things that, as a client, you need to follow through on as there is usually someone waiting for an answer (someone meaning a prospective match or me).

Whether you are in Bon Jour Matchmaking Service as a client or out in the world dating, look at the obstacles you are putting in the way of smoothly getting to know someone and cultivating a potential relationship.  Actions that may be discouraging, frustrating or just plain turning good potential mates off.  THAT is what I help with, that is the coaching in Bon Jour Matchmaking that is so invaluable!



Going into my 29th year practicing matchmaking I’ve developed a new plan that can make you your investment fee back if the situation fits.

After you become a client of this Denver matchmaking service, if you meet someone either in or outside the service and cultivate a long and hopefully permanent relationship I’m inviting you to either GIFT or SELL your place in Bon Jour.  This also applies if you move out of state.  If you SELL your place you cannot sell it for more than you paid, so you would have to ask me what you paid if you don’t remember.  The prospective buyer MUST MEET ALL BON JOUR MATCHMAKING CRITERIA first or I will NOT honor the sale.  There are NO REFUNDS from Bon Jour Matchmaking Service or Michele Fields.  If you gift your place in Bon Jour there will be a $500 transfer fee for the new client.

There will be a transfer fee (for them) of $500 to initiate another 2-hour interviewing process and view confidential profiles and pictures with this new client who is taking your place.

Those conditions are:

  1. The person must live in Colorado and spend at least half their time in the Denver or surrounding cities;
  2. The person must live in the Tucson, Sahuarita or Green Valley area;
  3. That person MUST be totally single (not separated) or in any type of serious relationship which includes living together;
  4. That person must be in the age range of 30-70 or 40-85 in Arizona;
  5. Buyer should be reasonably fit or they will not be very successful;
  6. Buyer must be well educated or equivalent business acumen;
  7. Buyer cannot be an alcoholic or drug user or seller;
  8. Buyer must be willing to pay a fee for their initial interview;
  9. Female buyers do best a size 10 or under;
  10. Male buyers do best 5’8″ or taller;
  11. MUST HAVE A CLEAN BACKGROUND and preferably be a professional.

This person should be someone you would like to meet while you were in the service and fit for your own criteria.  The sale would be totally between you and the buyer but you must run them by me before selling so as to make sure they fit in and this is the right service for them.

I try to make Bon Jour Matchmaking as winning a situation for everyone as I possibly can.


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As I said in a previous Post, some issues have come up in the past couple of years that have never come up during my 28 years of matchmaking.  One such issue is the definition of a matchmaker in general and specifically in Bon Jour Matchmaking, a Denver matchmaking service.

This website does a great job of explaining what you should and may expect when working with me.  When you hire me you will receive coaching, which means if I think or hear from prospective matches negative things about your photos, the way you have phrased things on your profile, behavior upon your initial meeting, etc. I will:

  1. Share that with you so that you may adjust any or all of those to produce a positive and successful outcome;
  2.  You are hiring me to introduce you only to people who you have described you are interested in meeting and to whose criteria you fit;
  3.  To assist you in being realistic in your expectations of others and the service;
  4.  To give you direct feedback, whether positive or negative, from matches and from people who have viewed your information and had a repetitive issue with your profile so that we may correct that;
  5.  To assist you in zeroing in on what you are looking for, what you like and dislike, what your goal is.

You are not hiring me to:

  1.  Lie to you about your marketability;
  2.  Pretend that you are younger or more attractive than feedback from prospective matches share with me;
  3.  Accept everything you say at face value without further exploration both to make sure you fit in the service, I feel that you will be successful in your goals or “yes” you to death; i.e. a gentleman called and said right off the bat, “I’m the perfect client for your service.”  With further exploration during his free phone consultation, he admitted to having sleeve tattoos.  It happens that I ask clients how they feel about tattoos.  Every woman I’ve asked has specifically said NO SLEEVE TATTOOS.  They are professional women who will be taking their significant others to business events and are acutely aware of the impression such tattoos would make.  If I hadn’t spoken with this gentleman at length I would not have found that out before accepting him as a client.  Everything else fit except that.  Consequently I did not accept him as a client and he was very gracious and understanding as well as appreciative that I was honest and didn’t take his money unwarranted.  I will never say oh don’t worry about that when I know for a fact it is an issue;
  4.  Buy into a fantasy you may have that you look/act younger than you are so you should be meeting matches considerably younger…whether you are male or female;
  5.  In this service I deal in reality so as to facilitate the best outcome for each client.  This approach has accomplished more than 300 marriages.

Your responsibility:

  1.  To be honest about everything;
  2.  To keep your pictures and information current;
  3.  Not to withhold information, i.e. that you smoke, are planning on moving out of town, how many times you’ve been married, etc.  It is very much in your best interest to share this type of info as it will reflect in the fee that I quote you.  Or may dictate that I may not be able to assist you;
  4.  Work with me rather than against me;
  5.  Accept my feedback and coaching with an open mind and an open heart (that is what you are paying for);
  6.  Give me feedback in a timely manner.

My feedback and coaching are the biggest benefits of Bon Jour Matchmaking.  They should be viewed as such rather than taken as insults or that I’m not being supportive.  The fact that I share all of that is evidence that in this service you are very supported to achieve your goal!


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This is a response to Julie’s review on YELP.  I accepted this woman in good faith that she genuinely wanted to find a mate.  At the same time she had called a gentleman was coming in who (as far as I could tell before interviewing either of them) might fit just what she explained she was looking for.

She neglected to tell me in advance (which determines your fee and also let’s me decide whether to work with you) that she smokes and is planning on moving out of state back where she moved from.  So not knowing that I shared, with permission BEFORE ANYONE PAID ME ANYTHING, both sets of photos to see if at least on the surface they would be a match.  They were very attracted to each other but I cautioned that without interviews yet I didn’t know whether there was a deeper match.  Again, ALL OF THIS WAS BEFORE EITHER WAS A CLIENT OR HAD PAID ME ANY MONEY.

She came in first for her two hour interview looking totally different than the glammed up photos she had sent me.  In fact she looked like she fell directly out of bed!  This is the first and only time we meet face-to-face, is that appropriate???  Her explanation was that she was out until 2 a.m. partying.  Then she proceeded to instruct me to lie about the smoking and lie about her intentions to move back to L.A.  This is NOT the Internet, you can’t come in here and lie.  Then I encouraged her to write a Narrative (she had viewed at least 10 of them) and throughout the interview I made suggestions of what to include to round out her profile before Friday when this gentleman was coming in.  Never heard from her again!  Finally on Thursday I wrote and tried to again encourage her to get me the Narrative before he came in.  She sent me this half assed thing that didn’t begin to resemble what she had been shown or coached about.  It shouted that she had no real interest in this endeavor, just like her appearance at the interview and her lies on the profile.  Again, I reminded her of what was appealing in a Narrative and it just kept getting worse.  With all of that in mind I decided not to represent her.  Can you blame me?  Would you want to pay money to meet someone like this?  I refunded her $1,034 (she always states that incorrectly as to the amount she was refunded) even though there is not one Denver matchmaking service who would have refunded a dime READ THEIR REVIEWSRemember, I started working for her before she was even a client or had paid any money…So written on the back of the check was “Negotiation of this check constitutes payment in full”.  Julie whited that out so that she could have the money and then bash me online…would you want to meet her?  BTW…my contracts state NO REFUND OF FEES repeatedly and I still refunded her the bulk of her fee!

Even in her review and complaints she has gotten the name of the service incorrect and the amount recovered wrong.  She even complains with no accuracy or interest enough to get the info right…Yes, I am very careful who I represent so that my clients don’t have to deal with people like this.

In a 28 year career I am bound to come across deceptive and inappropriate people who are not a good match for my clients.  I would rather decline to work with them than expose my clientele to them.

P.S.  Come to find out (from the guy) she contacted him behind my back but once meeting her he wanted nothing to do with her.


Rather than feeling like people perceive you as desperate or a loser, you should really feel that because you are so special and have so much going for you that you’ve chosen to have the exclusive representation of a professional matchmaker!

Working with a Denver matchmaker is not something you should feel embarrassed about.  Do you feel embarrassed that you have a CPA do your taxes?  That you have a hairdresser cut and/or style your hair?  That you have a stock broker manage your investments?  You choose to work with professionals who excel in their fields so that you will get the best results.  Why would that be any different with a professional Denver matchmaker?

You would think people would be more embarrassed to admit they met in the Internet dating sites or in a bar.  In this day and age those venues are more for the average single, whereas hiring a Denver matchmaking service to work with you is more for single, well educated professionals who have excelled in their chosen careers.  Denver singles who are discriminating in who they wish to introduce into their successful lives and share a future with.

So now in 2015 consider yourself intelligent, careful and worth hiring a professional Denver matchmaker to achieve your personal goal.


As one of the original professional matchmakers since 1989 the best testimonies to my success are imitators.  On a daily basis I find people from all over the world studying my website for tips as to how to structure and operate a successful matchmaking service.  One of the more blatant examples in the United States is Renee Piane who developed her business directly from my structure, press kit and articles.

Of course the other gauge of success are all of the marriages facilitated through Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, the oldest Denver matchmaking service.  I am even more proud of the fact that most of those marriages happened with either the first or second match for one or both parties.  I attribute that to the extensive profile on each client along with their photos that are shared with prospective matches.

So in this 26th year of professional Denver matchmaking Bon Jour stands out amongst other Denver matchmakers in numerous ways.


In receiving a FREE phone consultation call today from a 47 year old woman I could tell in minutes that this is not someone I would be able to assist or want to work with.  I was very direct and clear about that and although she could dish it out, she wasn’t as good at taking it.  She was shocked that I would turn her down (because you better believe that no other service would, they’d want her money) and I pointed out that isn’t it better that I don’t accept you as a client and take your money knowing I can’t help you rather than lie and just take your money?????

I will always be honest with you to the best of my knowledge through this FREE phone consultation as to whether I feel you have a good chance in the service and we can work well together or not. If I don’t feel the above I will not accept you as a client and suggest alternatives.

However, like with a recent client, the phone consultation went great, we had a great rapport so he joined the service.  He was very concerned about the very minimal investment fee that he was paying and brought it up every time we communicated.  Unfortunately once he became a client his attitude changed and when asked to follow through on things he not only didn’t but did not communicate that he couldn’t or why.  The reason always turned out to be that he was too busy…but he always mentioned the investment fee. When we first spoke he was focused and eager to find his mate, once he joined he didn’t walk the talk…we are no longer working together.  I had no way of knowing he would have an attitude change after he became a client.

Do you know there is a service in town who charged my most recent new client $5600 for 18 months and 12 “dates”.  She said NONE of the men met her criteria and she was told by the men that they were allowed to see pictures of her but the women never see pictures of the men.  Also they only read you a paragraph about the person THEY have chosen for you.  The last man she was set up with it turned out was not even a client of the service but a friend of the owner.  So she paid this ridiculous exorbitant fee and he paid nothing.  Can you guess which service?  It is a local Denver “matchmaking service” not a franchise.

I’m asking you to understand that paying a service $4,000+ does not get you a better service.  It merely makes that service rich.  READ the reviews, they are all the same.  Read the reviews of Kelleher on this site under Blog as well as Millionaire Matchmaker.  They both charge up to six figure fees and do less for their clients than I do!