We start another new year and people resolve to work out, lose weight, stop smoking, change jobs perhaps, etc.  So don’t you think that finding love should be at the top of that list?

Be brave…read through this website and call me for your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.  It is merely an exchange of information, NOT a sales call.  No pressure!  What do you have to lose?

Starting my 27th year as a professional Denver matchmaker even I marvel at how successful my structure and approach have been.  But it doesn’t work for everyone just like diets, stocks and other pursuits.  If you read through this site and listen to my suggestions and coaching, keep an open mind and heart it may be successful for you.

It is merely a one-time filing fee which is good for the duration of the time you are in the service.  Every client receives an open-ended contract so you are a client until you fulfill your goal.  So best of luck and love for 2016!  Michele “the Matchmaker” Fields





I received a request for an interview with Cupid’s Library last week.  That interview is now active on the Blog on that site.  Check it out on this link:

I am always appreciative of people who want to know more about matchmaking, Bon Jour in particular and me!


Today I am interviewing a guy who recently wasted much time and money on one of Denver’s newer “matchmaking” services.  Yes, another package deal where you receive no information or photos and they decide who to throw you together with.  This gentleman, 36, is very sincere and serious about finding love and was most disappointed in the structure of the service and lack of quality of the clients.

Now yet another gimmicky service has appeared trying to take a piece of the proverbial Denver’s singles pie with an owner with no track record, no relationship history of her own and no experience in this field.  There is a very slick website and an upfront fee to do a short pre-interview, which BTW you get for free with Bon Jour Matchmaking Service for up to TWO hours.

It is debuting with a game show from the sixties, but be careful.  You work hard for your money, unless a new service with no experience or track record signs you for FREE don’t rush into that.  The length of time in business, track record and experience are the most important factors along with the structure of the service, testimonials, reviews and BBB rating.  They also need a clientele which none of the new services have yet they charge the fees of established services.  Many of these new services have broken their services into various compartments of which you pay individually for each service.  Then they try to move you into another one to charge an additional fee.  Yes, it’s great for them to generate money from you from every direction.  But the definition of a REAL professional Matchmaker is that all of those services are under the one umbrella “MATCHMAKER”.  One fee to hire a Matchmaker who interviews, coaches, advises, directs, facilitates/matches and gives you feedback directly from clients to increase your success!  This is about maximizing your experience, not generating income for the service.

There have been so many services with the same slick websites, high fees, no clientele, no experience, etc. who have popped up, taken your money and disappeared with it in short order.  Do your research, find a service structure that fits for you, a track record, been in business for at least 5 years, experience in this field not some other and took some questionable courses with initials that are not vetted.  New services have no business charging you the fees that established Denver matchmakers with a track record charge…so be careful!


When I was searching for my home there were very specific things I wanted and specifically did not want.  The home had to have air conditioning and a foyer.  I absolutely did not want a basement.  Well, the home I fell in love with did not have air or a foyer and it did have a basement.  But my home had so many other outstanding features that I traded those for my “must haves” list.  Refer to post called Ten Tradeoffs to Finding the Love You Seek.  The difference between a “house” and a “home” is like the difference between “dating” and “matchmaking”.

It works the same way with finding love.  Sure all men want a model and all women want a loyal, sincere, educated, tall, clean shaven guy with hair.  But that is not always who you fall in love with or can fall in love with.  As I explained on my post Real Couples Having Real Relationships look at those couples.  Do you really think in every case the spouse was exactly what that person had on their list of qualities?  Also check out my post on Denver Men Do You Look Like This?

So whether you use the Internet Dating Sites, local Denver dating services or a Denver matchmaker have some flexibility and be open minded, you never know in whom you will find love!


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About 11 years ago I met a lovely woman at a party in Cherry Creek.  She was and is a sophisticated, intelligent, accomplished and extremely attractive person.  She was single and I was pointed out to her as someone she might like to get to know.  We had an immediate chemistry.  She had unquestioned faith in my matchmaking abilities and joined Bon Jour Matchmaking Service.

Because this woman is so spectacular I was extremely selective in who I shared her profile with.  They had to be worthy, have similar qualities and a lifestyle she could relate to.  Consequently there were not that many men over those years that I introduced her to.

But this wonderful lady never wavered in her faith in me and never gave up like some people do.  A few months ago a gentleman signed with Bon Jour who was a great fit for this woman.  He selected her from her extensive profile and photos and put her first on his list to meet.  They’ve been dating ever since.  Although this man is a great match for her and she is very excited, there are challenges in his life with family and distance from her that could have made either of them decline the introduction.  But because they were and continue to be open minded they spent New Year’s Eve together and are continuing to get to know each other.

If I had not had an open ended contract, if she had not been so patient and/or given up on me she would certainly not have met this lovely man.  So along with what I offer you as a seasoned 26 year veteran matchmaker, you have to bring to the table qualities like patience, cooperation and faith in the process.


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For the past 23 years of the 26 I’ve been matchmaking I periodically receive calls from men who want to meet women 15+ years their junior.  I have not accepted those men as women that much younger, especially if they are looking to have children, prefer to date men in their own age range…in the context of Bon Jour Matchmaking Service.

But an interesting twist has started in the past two years that has never happened before.  I am receiving more and more calls from women saying almost the exact same thing.  How great they look, they don’t look or act their age and they are often being hit on and have dated men up to 8 years younger than they are.  This comes up when I ask the age range they wish to meet.  So I explain that men, in Bon Jour which is the venue we are talking about, in that younger age range do not want to meet older women.  On occasion a man will agree to meet a woman a year or two older than themselves, but all of Bon Jour’s clients are looking for permanent, lasting relationships and I personally do not feel that an older woman with a younger man will last.  Or vice versa.  But when did this new revolution happen?  Sure, you hear of it from time to time, but the amount of women who call with this criteria is probably every other woman who phones now.  So this is a really new trend locally and in society that has reached a majority of women who feel as I describe above.

They say the same things that men have always said, that men in their age range are inactive, out of shape and they don’t want to be some old guy’s nurse.  I have to say to those women the same things I say to the men…if you are in shape, active, curious about life, sexual why wouldn’t there be men your age who are also?????

As men age they tend to turn to younger women for a variety of reasons.  So where will these women be when they age and his eye starts wandering?  As I said previously I only work with clients who prefer age appropriate matches as those are the ones that have lasted.  Look around the world, for the most part when two people of different generations marry it tends not to last.

Bon Jour Matchmaking’s main goal is to facilitate matches that will go the distance and both in my experience and general history around me I see that age appropriate matching lasts.  If you prefer to date MUCH younger as a man or woman I think the Internet dating sites are your best resource.


Bon Jour Matchmaking Service invites you to call for a FREE phone consultation.  Ask any and all questions you would like prior to making a decision as to whether this is the best service to fulfill your romantic goals.

I am available Monday thru Sunday 9am-7pm to chat with you.  If I am with a client I will phone you back at my earliest convenience.  Before phoning please click on the following link and read several of the posts on the Page named POSTS TO READ BEFORE JOINING ANY DENVER MATCHMAKING SERVICE so that you understand both how this service works and the advantages of Bon Jour Matchmaking over other Front Range services.

Unlike other local matchmaking services I do not do a “Meet and Greet” session at Starbucks or hotels to look you over.  After 25 years of matchmaking thousands of singles I am adept at discerning whether you and the service are a good match through an extensive phone consultation.  Not everyone who calls is an appropriate potential client.  I will tell you directly and save you both time and money if I feel either this is not the right service for you or you and I are not a match.

I am not interested in “talking you into” using my service.  My main goal is to exchange mutual information and we both decide whether you are the right fit.  I am not a salesman, I am a Matchmaker.